Sensor Cyl

The Sensor Cyl series allows the “earth moving machines” manufactures to use a particular cylinder that allows to check the position instantly.

This simplifies various machines where the parallelism control of a structure and the end of stroke control are fundamental. These systems are mainly used on aerial platforms and on fork lifting systems; they can also be used in steering systems of machines that need to adapt their balance to the ground during application as in the agricultural sector. The digital system allows carrying out the tests both in the manual and automatic modalities.


MTS Sensor

MTS, German company best in class in sensors production, and Noyfar established a partnership to produce hydraulic cylinders with integrated sensor. The partnership was born in 2010, after the visit of MTS ceo to Noyfar headquarters. Since 2010 MTS suggests Noyfar to all the clients who need high quality cylinders, even for one-piece batches.



Here are some examples


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